Your Money For Your Life: The Top 3 Reasons To Take Charge Of Your Financial Plans

If you've been putting off getting your financial goals in order, here are 3 great reasons to get excited about planning for your future: 

There's no need to feel weird. Unique is the new normal.

A recent study analyzed what makes high-net-worth investors tick. There's a persistent myth that "traditional" families are the only ones seriously investing for their financial futures. While 35% of modern investors do live in traditional family arrangements, at 34%, the number of non-traditional, high-net-worth American investors is nearly identical. Non-traditional families include same-sex couples, blended families, and multi-generational households.   

Financial planners understand that you may have some of the same concerns your parents' had, but you've got issues they never faced, including the added burdens of predatory student loans, soaring medical costs, and rising housing expenses. If you're in an unusual situation, whether domestically, financially, or career-wise, a financial planner will explain all of your options to you so that you can meet your goals.

The sooner you look your money in the eye, the better for both of you.

Some people are afraid their finances are in such a sorry state, they'll never be ready to start investing. Others may be embarrassed by how little they know about the science of investing. You should know that financial planners aren't here to judge you. They're here to guide you. They help educate you and get your financial goals on track no matter where you are along the route.

Money is by no means a measure of true happiness or absolute success. What money does do very well is enable you to accomplish your life's plans. The sooner you use the resources of a financial planner to record your goals and formulate your step-by-step methods to reach those goals, the quicker you make progress toward the life you want.

Starting with the basics is simple.

To get yourself in the mindset of organizing your earning and spending records, take a few minutes and perform a quick self-assessment, similar to this 1-page exercise.

  • Document what you earn now and what you expect to earn.
  • Record your expenses, noting which ones you can cut without pain.
  • Decide what you want to use your earnings to purchase.
  • Break up the cost of that desire into manageable increments.

This is the same process you use when buying a home or a vehicle with a bank loan. Except now, you're crunching the numbers on a wedding, vacation home, or retirement fund.

Planning for a solid financial future isn't just for stodgy old people or the super-rich. Taking charge of your money puts you in control of an important bit of your own future. Contact a financial planning consultant (such as one from Peterkin Financial) today to get started reaching your own personal goals.